Saturday, 1 June 2013

Year without a Summer...

In the Spring of 1315, 
there began an era of unpredictable weather,
It did not lift until 1851. 

You remember 1816 as the year without a summer.
June 1816, 

a sudden snowstorm blankets all the countryside,
So Mary Shelley had to stay inside and she wrote Frankenstein,
Oh, 1816 was the year without a summer.

Grain couldn't ripen under these conditions,
It was brought indoors in urns and pots.
It'd go from ninety-five degrees to freezing within hours,
A brutal struggle for the people and the starving livestock.

Above lyrics from Rasputina - A year without a Summer

A field across the dark and gloomy sky!!!
© Livingsta

I could not stop singing this song in my mind...

This is how the weather makes me feel...

Hoping for some warm sunshine :-)

Wishing you all a lovely weekend
Sending you warm smiles from my corner of the world...


Livingsta :-)