Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Oh those baby Apples....!

These lovely crunchy baby apples are from a tree that I haven't noticed for three years. Yes, right beside my office at the car-park. 

Wondering if the tree did not bear any fruits at all before or if my eyes were that blind! 

Well, was so tempted to have one, but they are still too small / tender. I love unripe apples, their crunchy, sweet n sour taste.....mmmmm!!! 

As you can see, these are still too small....reminded me of guavas! Haven't had them for ages!!! :o) *SIGH*

A bunch of those crunchy baby apples....

I will be eyeing them from now on! The blossoms were pretty a few weeks ago! 

BTW...Still praying and hoping for some sunshine!

A baby apple, with that pretty red tint...!

You can already see the red tint...Makes me smile :-)))

Hope you've all had a superb week so far!

Have a great rest of the week...

Peace and love...