Sunday, 31 March 2013

Where is Spring?

Just when I thought winter's gone, we've had some flurries again this weekend! Spring seems to be too far away this year, and we are still having frosty days with occasional snow or sleet. 

The weekend has started off a bit milder than last week, and hopes are there for Spring. I can even see a few bulbs of daffodils and crocuses that are in bloom. 

The Cherry blossoms!

Last year this time, all the trees and bulbs were in full bloom. I remember shooting spring flowers all through the month of March 2012.

The cherry blossoms in full bloom by the flats across the Embankment!

As I was looking through the spring photos from last year, I thought I will share a few from March 2012 as March 2013 is coming to an end!

These were the beautiful willows, in all their glory. We are still waiting for them this year!

The glorious willows!

This picture below was my desktop wallpaper at work for quite a while during spring last year!

Spring is when life’s alive in everything. 
~Christina Rossetti

So true to Christina's words, during the spring season, everything is so full of life as if they woke up from a deep slumber. All I remember about the spring season are the hustle and bustle of people, the happy geese and ducks by the river, the ice-cream vans, colours, the buzzing of the bees and my long walks by the river.

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.
~Hal Borland

So hoping that spring is not going to disappoint us this year :-)

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's Party!"
~Robin Williams

Let's all stay in faith that spring is on its way, not really far away! Hoping you all have a blessed and holy weekend friends! 

Peace, Love and Gratitude...

Livingsta x

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Frozen-White Spring!!!

So, this week started off with heavy snow and biting cold winds; 20 to 25 mph while the temperatures were between -5 and 1 degree Celsius giving a feel of less than -10 or even -14 degree Celsius. It's not that I do not like winter; in fact I love winter, for its beauty; the frost, the snowfall that brightens up the landscapes, the foggy days...

This was 2 days after the snowfall, something that I least expected!

The snowfall was heavier where I work, so last Monday, at work, I was taken by surprise; the thick layers of snow over the fences and hedgerows, while the alleyway and the front area of the building were covered in frozen sheets of ice, I call it a "lethal ice rink." This makes my colleagues laugh! Wonder why! Maybe ice rinks are not supposed to be lethal!

Peek-a-boo....has the snow stopped !!!

Well, this weather just did not help; in order to cheer me up, I walked down the road from my office at lunch break. I wasn't disappointed as I had a few beautiful shots to capture. Nature always has something for you; never fails to surprise you! It was fun, seriously fun; "Frozen Memories!"

Frozen surprises!

“Hope is the thing with feathers 
That perches in the soul 
And sings the tune without the words 
And never stops at all.” 
~Emily Dickinson

These buds are hope that spring isn't far away :-)

We are still having some flurries this weekend! But I am staying home! Hoping for the spring!

Hope you're all having a beautiful weekend !


Livingsta x :-)

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Ripples of Gold Dust!

Tuesday's walk back home from work, I must say that I was lucky for this one! A sunny day after weeks of cold, dark and wet days. 

With the sunlight at it's right intensity and level, the reflections of trees by the riverbanks looked like paintings on water!

Walking over the bridge across the river, I could see these guys rowing their boat, and knew in a minute they would cross underneath the bridge and get to my side. Quickly grabbed my mobile for a click...

The ripples on the river water..... 
The reflection of the sunlight, On those pretty ripples..... 
Something from which I could not take my eyes off.....

Were they:
Ripples of Love?
Ripples of Peace?
Ripples of Gratitude?
Ripples of Hope?
Ripples of Joy?
Not sure!

But sure they resembled
Ripples of Gold dust! 

Yes they did look like gold dust scattered on water! I did wait till they rowed away!

Have a lovely weekend friends! :-)

Do not suppress it-that would hurt you inside. 
Do not express it-this would not only hurt you inside, 
it would cause ripples in your surroundings. 
What you do is transform it.
~Peace Pilgrim

Sending you all ripples of Peace, Love, Hope, Joy and Gratitude!

Livingsta x