Tuesday, 9 July 2013

In search of the black swan...

Wandering in search of the black swan, I managed to spot him last Saturday during my walk down the river. I have always been fascinated by these beautiful birds, their pretty red beaks and the beautiful plumes. 

This black swan has wandered into our little town, not sure from where. He is alone, and the mute swans do not seem to give him any company (as far as I've observed)...

The Black Swan in The River Great Ouse, Bedford

Sighting him first around 10 days before as the bus home from work crossed the town bridge, I got all so excited. Impatiently waiting for the weekend to arrive, I set off looking for this beautiful bird wondering if I would be able to find him, because of the size of the river, its streams and also wondered if he'd flown away.

These birds are native to Australia and are kept in captivity in other countries including the UK. This one may be even just one of those that escaped captivity. There are just a few breeding pairs in all of the UK. 

The Black Swan all by himself in The River Great Ouse, Bedford

He has become popular in the town, he's made to the local news...Yay..!!

Black swan makes a splash in Bedford

There are also reports of people having sighted a pair in the Woburn park and would this one be one of those? Not sure. These birds are generally a bit more aggressive than the mute swans, but this one seemed not, may be because he is alone and getting used to the new place.

I managed a few pictures, not perfect ones! 

I remember seeing a pair in the Trivandrum zoo last year when I visited my hometown (*DEEP SIGH* Missing home like hell :-((((( huh..).

The wired fences prevented me from having a good glance and picture of them. Still, sharing one here...They are pretty birds, aren't they?

The Black Swan at the Trivandrum Zoo, Kerala, India

Hope you're all having a good week. The summer's set in here and I am relaxing with my favourite iced tea with lemon!!!

Citrus Iced Tea

Hope you all enjoyed the evening and the sunshine wherever you were!!!

Peace and love...
Livingsta :-)